Racial/Ethnic Identity Development Critical in Teen Years

Teenagers of color need to be affirmed for their racial/ethnic/linguistic identity.  Hearing a teen of color say that she makes every effort to hide her accent so it doesn’t come out makes me sad and shows me we still have a long way to go in our society.  We need to be pro-active in affirming that their racial/ethnic/linguistic identities are positive and make them visible in literature, so that teens can feel like they can be themselves.

Where’s the data to back this up?  Check out this study that shows that as feelings of ethnic pride go up, mental health also improves.

Northwestern University Study


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3 responses to “Racial/Ethnic Identity Development Critical in Teen Years”

  1. Sharnice Floyd Eaton says :

    Thank you for sharing the study which can back this up. I will be using this somewhere else, I’m sure.

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