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The Power of Writing to Heal – stories from teens

A writing project at Scriber Lake High School in Edmonds, Washington shows the power of writing and telling our stories to heal.  Check out this article for a video interview of a few of the teens.  The teens with the help of their teacher and an author/mentor published their book We are Absolutely Not Okay and also started a website.

In addition, check out a story blog called Writers on the Inside written by youth offenders at a Juvenile Detention Center in the South.

In Somerville, Massachusetts, urban teens are also publishing their own books with a fantastic organization called Books for Hope.


Brenda Salter McNeil talks about the Christian call to Racial Reconciliation

Brenda Salter McNeil challenges the Christian community to match our words with actions in the area of racial reconciliation–that people will not listen to us unless our churches regain our credibility in this area.  Whether you’re a Christian or not, I believe her talk will resonate with you.


Join Teen Girls in Their Fight Against Teen Vogue

In a follow up to my previous post, “A Teenage Girl’s Victory Against the Media,” three fellow teen girls in the same organization, SPARK Movement, petitioned Teen Vogue to ask them to pledge to stop altering their models and show more diversity in their pages.  45,000 signatures later, however, they refused to agree.  So, the girls have now decided to petition the advertisers who can put more pressure on Teen Vogue.

Please sign their petition in support by clicking here.


How does one teen repsond to cyber bullies who prank a school for the hearing impaired?

Cyber bullies thought it would be funny to enter a school for the hearing impaired, The Horace Man School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, Massachusetts, into a contest to bring Taylor Swift to the campus.  One Quincy, Massachusetts teen, Nancy Aimola, 14, was so angered by what happened that she turned a negative into a positive by creating a real video responding to the bullies and entering it into the contest.  Nancy says in the video: “Just because you can hear doesn’t always mean you do hear.”  How true!

A link to the news article.

Vote for them in the contest!: