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Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity

Shakti Butler premieres a new film called Cracking the Codes that goes over new territory in the area of race.  This film is an excellent tool to use with family, friends and co-workers to begin or continue the conversation around race.

Check out this clip from Joy DeGruy where she tells a story about how white privilege can be used in a concrete transformational way:


How one town turned the tables on a school prank

Whitney Kropp, 16, of West Branch, Michigan was shocked to find out she had been voted into the homecoming court.  It turned out to be a prank from bullies and she thought about committing suicide.  However, the town of West Branch, Michigan, rallied around her and a facebook page supporting her surpassed the town’s population and eventually received 120,000 likes!  Read more about this encouraging story in this article in the Detroit News.

Here’s a follow-up article from ABC News/Yahoo.

And check out these videos: