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Update: Taylor Swift gives big gift to school for hearing impaired who fought back against prank

Here’s an update on a post from awhile ago: How does one teen respond to cyber bullies who prank a school for the hearing impaired? The Horace Mann School for the Deaf, sadly, did not win the competition and was eventually disqualified, but Taylor Swift stepped up, donating $10,000 to the school and giving away free tickets to her next concert to students there.  Actually, thanks to her advocacy, four other sponsors also donated $40,000 to the school including $10,000 for musical instruments!

Check out the article here with all the details and how the principal responded.  Go Taylor Swift!

Or check out this video which gives a synopsis of it all:


American Promise: chronicling the education journey of two middle class Black families

Check out this new film, American Promise, set to release in 2013 that follows two middle class Black families and their education choices for their sons: