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Homeless High School Teen Beats the Odds: Valedictorian and Enters Spelman as a Junior

Chelesa Fearce, a senior at Charles Drew High School in Clayton County, Georgia, was homeless during much of high school and living out of her mom’s car.  She would use her cell phone light while she was in the shelter to study.  Learn more about her and her sister’s story.

Check out this link for video of her graduation day and an excerpt of her valedictorian speech:

There’s also a link to hear her full valedictorian speech here:


2 Long Lost Sisters Reunite at a Track Meet in DC

During a track meet in DC, girls on one team noticed a girl on the other team looked strikingly similar to a teammate of theirs.  What happened afterwards was nothing short of a miracle.  Click below to find out.

Jeremy Lin talks about the racial barrier in his 60 Minutes Interview

In case you might have missed it, here’s Jeremy Lin’s interview on 60 Minutes in its entirety where he discusses why he wasn’t drafted out of high school despite being the California Player of the Year.  You can go to the 9:31 mark of the video if you want to hear him directly address this issue.

Emmanuel Jal’s Story: One Person Can Make a Difference

Check out this TED talk of this former child soldier, Emmanuel Jal, from South Sudan who has turned his life towards peace.  You will be moved by his story told through spoken word and music.

Alicia Keys promotes his new movement of We Want Peace:

Look for his new film The Good Lie where he stars with Reese Witherspoon in a movie about what he and other child soldiers endured.  Read more about in this article.