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We Are the 15 Percent

The title of this blog post refers to a website: We Are the 15 Percent, of crowd-sourced portraits of interracial marriages and families in the United States, inspired by the Cheerios ad, and also refers to the statistic that 14.8% of new marriages in America are interracial, according to the 2008 U.S. Census.

Check it out!


Student Voice Matters: Students Mobilize and Successfully Add Their Voice to Teacher Evaluations

The students from the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) mobilized parents, students and teachers to make it possible for high school students to now have a say in state teacher evaluations.  One student said, “BSAC’s campaign to include student voice within the new teacher evaluation system gives administrators a more well rounded 360 view of a teacher.”  Ultimately, it’s important for us as teachers to hear the voices of those we teach because after all, they are the ones receiving the education.

Check out the new Student Voice Matters website and this video of BSAC’s journey and hear the voices of students, teachers and administrators:

Teens Across Two Cities Create Performances Inspired by Civil War Documents

Today and Saturday in Boston and Cambridge, MA, as part of the National Civil War Project, the Proclamation Project will debut as an original theater piece created by eleven local high school students, inspired by the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. The group explored themes of freedom, social justice and civil rights, in both historical and modern contexts. Through writing exercises, physical theater improvisations, music, dance and storytelling, the ensemble has transformed research and dialogue into a unique performance piece.

The project’s inclusion in the National Civil War Project has provided the group with an opportunity to collaborate across cities, with a group of teens at the Alliance Theater as part of their Collision Project in Atlanta, GA, engaged in a similar process. Through Skype, the two ensembles have shared Northern and Southern perspectives on the Civil War, while each ensemble has devised its own performance.

Read about the Proclamation Project in this article, go to the National Civil War Project Youth Ensembles facebook page for more information and get tickets if you’re in Boston here.

Here’s a taste of what the teens at the Collision Project in Atlanta did with the Declaration of Independence:



Pro Surfer Israel Paskowitz Inspires Kids with Autism to Smile and Surf

Israel (Izzy) Paskowitz, a pro surfer and champion long boarder, was at the top of his career and felt invincible when he and his wife had his second child, Isaiah, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3.  After a soul searching process where he ran from reality, a surfing contest when Isaiah was 5 changed everything.  Isaiah was having an uncontrollable tantrum, dad brought son out on the waves on a board and he became calm.

So began the reason for Surfers Healing, a free, one-day surf camp in which professional surfers take out children with autism. Today, Surfers Healing gives 3,000 kids a year in 22 camps across the country the opportunity to feel the same calm and joy Isaiah felt.

Check Izzy and his family’s story out and what it means to find your purpose in life: