Why I Write: We Need to See Ourselves in What We Read

Check out these three images that show the need for children’s literature/young adult authors of color and books by and for people of color.  These three images in themselves are why I write and why I continue in my quest to get my middle grade novel published.  So if you are a children’s literature/young adult author of color, don’t give up!  Your voice is needed for all our children and young people!


Check out this blog post I came across entitled, “My 3-Year-Old has Experienced Racism (and yours probably has too)” by Sharon Chang.  She quotes from Anti-Bias Education for Young Children and Ourselves by Louise Derman-Sparks & Julie Olsen Edwards of how important it is for young people to see themselves mirrored in what they read:

“Young children are learning about who is and isn’t important. Invisibility erases identity and experience; visibility affirms reality. When children see themselves and their families reflected in their early childhood setting, they feel affirmed and that they belong. When children’s identities and families are invisible, the opposite happens. Children feel that they are unimportant and do not belong. These lessons from societal visibility or invisibility are among the most powerful messages children receive…Children absorb these messages every day, often without the adults in their lives even knowing what the children are learning” (pp.13-4).


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2 responses to “Why I Write: We Need to See Ourselves in What We Read”

  1. Thomas Gagnon says :

    Something happened to my previous comment. Anyway, I’ll soon be blogging about a book by Julia Alvarez, called Yo!, which is partly about this issue of invisibility.

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