Archive | August 2015

Have you ever tried a school lunch?

Buzzfeed created a great video where adults tried school lunches, check it out!  Our students deserve healthy tasty food!


7 Year Old Girl Steals the Show with Afro Puffs Made of Ice and Fire!

Together with her mom Natalie McGriff conquered her challenges with reading and her difficulties with her hair by creating a comic book based on Moxie Girl. Check her out in this video!

Double Standards: White Privilege

World Trust, an organization whose mission is to through film and diversity workshops rooted in love & justice, deepen the conversation on race, and eliminate systemic inequity sponsored the Summer of Justice and Racial Healing where every week they send out video clips to encourage this much needed dialogue.

This clip where Tim Wise, an antiracist educator and activist, talks about his experience of white privilege and the double standards that as a white person he has the privilege to not see and encourages us to open our eyes to look for them ourselves.