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Restorative Justice in Schools: Bringing Healing and Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline

Here are two great videos about work being done in schools to break the school to prison pipeline through restorative justice.  Hear from the students and teachers themselves who are implementing it!


8-year-old twin brother asks Santa for his sister to not be bullied

8-year-old Ryan Suffern saw how his sister was being bullied and how deeply it hurt him, so when his mom asked him to write an early letter to Santa, he said he didn’t want toys anymore, instead all he wanted was his sister to stop being bullied.

This story reminds us that bullying hurts and can be a life or death situation and we must strive to create schools that teach young people to have empathy and compassion and to be allies instead of bystanders.


Canadian Poet Creates Visuals to Express Pain of Bullying

Canadian Poet Shane Koyczan, who performed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, took his poem “To This Day” which describes some of Koyczan’s own personal experiences and those of a friend and combined it with visuals to express the lasting effects of bullying.  Check out this article on the poem and click on the poem below:

Restorative Justice – so much harder and better than suspending and expelling

Often times, when people think of restorative justice, they think that kids don’t have to face the consequences of what they’ve done, in fact, just the opposite is true.  They go through a much harder process where they have to understand how their actions have an impact on those around them and may even have to apologize (authentically) to their community.

Check out these two videos to learn more about restorative justice and also click on my previous post, Restorative Justice: A New Study Provides Data to Back Up What We Already Know.

How one town turned the tables on a school prank

Whitney Kropp, 16, of West Branch, Michigan was shocked to find out she had been voted into the homecoming court.  It turned out to be a prank from bullies and she thought about committing suicide.  However, the town of West Branch, Michigan, rallied around her and a facebook page supporting her surpassed the town’s population and eventually received 120,000 likes!  Read more about this encouraging story in this article in the Detroit News.

Here’s a follow-up article from ABC News/Yahoo.

And check out these videos: