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The importance of mentorship

Three weeks ago, I had the privilege and honor to speak at Gordon College at a panel called Multicultural Men at Work: A Place of Hope and Challenge.  One of the questions they asked to answer was: What advice would you give yourself if you could have spoken to your younger self?

The three pieces of advice I said were:

  • That the path God takes you is not necessarily what you envisioned for yourself but is so much better than what you could have orchestrated
  • That pursuing what God has called you to do in your vocation will not come easily, it will take prayer and perseverance and you will encounter opposition especially as you decide to stand up for what you believe is right
  • To actively pursue mentors in your profession – people you can trust, however, sometimes they may come in God’s time unexpectedly

Check out this video on the importance of mentors by three well known gospel recording artists, Donnie McClurkin, Kirk Franklin and Marvin Sapp, on their own panel:


Dr. John Perkins: The Father of Christian Community Development

Dr. John Perkins has given his life to issues such as racial reconciliation and Christian community development, the idea that through what he calls the 3 R’s: relocation, reconciliation and redistribution we can change communities together.  His life and ministry have had a transforming impact on my life.  Check out these two videos about his life and read one of his books: With Justice for All: A Strategy for Community Development, Let Justice Roll Down or Restoring At-Risk Communities.

A Father’s Day Reunion Story

Here’s a story of redemption: a father and pastor who gave up his daughter for adoption because he knew he wasn’t ready to be a father and a daughter who began looking online for her biological father are reunited.

Linsanity: The Story of Jeremy Lin

For all of us Asian Americans seeing Jeremy Lin rise to prominence against a myriad of obstacles and have the New York Knicks called “his team” as the first Asian American NBA player in the modern era brought tears to my eyes when I watched him on national television.  Linsanity, Jeremy Lin’s story, is in theaters or coming to theaters.  Go out and support it!


Antoinette Tuff tells about how her past and faith prepared her to intervene in Georgia school shooting

Antoinette Tuff, school clerk in Georgia school shooting, who persuaded the shooter to lay down his weapons, talks about how she started praying for him and also shared how her life story helped her to do so.