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Transforming the Way We Teach Math

A non-profit organization called the MIND Research Institute is looking to change the way we teach math.  Matthew Peterson in this TED talk discusses how all students, especially students whose first language is not English, benefit when math is taught them through a game format with no language or instructions and immediate informative feedback.  He’s the creator of ST Math – a program that just does that.  What are students’ rewards for completing levels on ST Math?  Harder math problems.


Pro Surfer Israel Paskowitz Inspires Kids with Autism to Smile and Surf

Israel (Izzy) Paskowitz, a pro surfer and champion long boarder, was at the top of his career and felt invincible when he and his wife had his second child, Isaiah, who was diagnosed with autism at age 3.  After a soul searching process where he ran from reality, a surfing contest when Isaiah was 5 changed everything.  Isaiah was having an uncontrollable tantrum, dad brought son out on the waves on a board and he became calm.

So began the reason for Surfers Healing, a free, one-day surf camp in which professional surfers take out children with autism. Today, Surfers Healing gives 3,000 kids a year in 22 camps across the country the opportunity to feel the same calm and joy Isaiah felt.

Check Izzy and his family’s story out and what it means to find your purpose in life:


A Mother Who Doesn’t Allow Her Disability to Define Her

Check out this touching NPR story called A Life Defined Not by Disability about a woman, Bonnie Brown, who has an intellectual disability, who did not let it stop her from being a mother and how her daughter has lovingly responded.

Inclusion News: California School for the Deaf football team beats the odds

These California School for the Deaf football players won their division’s title and nearly made it into sectionals.  Check out their story here and in the video below:

The next frontier in inclusion: adaptive tennis for students with visual impairments

Check out this recent story on students with visual impairments learning how to play tennis: