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The importance of teachers, public education and teachers of color

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week everyone!  Check out these videos of the 2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes:


Restorative Justice in Schools: Bringing Healing and Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline

Here are two great videos about work being done in schools to break the school to prison pipeline through restorative justice.  Hear from the students and teachers themselves who are implementing it!

Inspirational Baltimore Teens Healing Divisions

Check out this video of a group called The Inner Harbor Project that has teens working with the police in the city of Baltimore to heal divisions.  The group’s mission statement is:

“The Inner Harbor Project is a model for social change that identifies teenagers who are leaders among their peers, equips them with research and professional skills, and organizes them to come up with solutions to issues that divide our society on the basis of race, class and culture.”

How You Can Use Your Privilege to Impact Systems

Check out this clip as Joy Angela DeGruy shares a story that illustrates the power in using privilege to challenge assumptions and how it can influence a whole chain of people and systems:

Double Standards: White Privilege

World Trust, an organization whose mission is to through film and diversity workshops rooted in love & justice, deepen the conversation on race, and eliminate systemic inequity sponsored the Summer of Justice and Racial Healing where every week they send out video clips to encourage this much needed dialogue.

This clip where Tim Wise, an antiracist educator and activist, talks about his experience of white privilege and the double standards that as a white person he has the privilege to not see and encourages us to open our eyes to look for them ourselves.

Restorative Justice: Changing and Transforming Schools

Recently, there was an op-ed piece in the New York Times called “Real Discipline in School” highlighting restorative justice’s effects on school climate.

Check out these two videos to learn more about the community building circles and the story of how restorative justice transformed West Philadelphia High School.

And don’t forget to check out my two previous posts on restorative justice: “Restorative Justice: so harder and better than suspending and expelling” and “Restorative Justice:a new study provides data to backup what we already know”


Mirrors of Privilege: Understanding White Privilege

WorldTrust is a great organization that seeks to discuss issues of institutionalized racism through film and dialogue.  Check out this clip on “Understanding White Privilege” from their new film called Mirrors of Privilege.