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The Power of Restorative Justice

Here’s a great video showing how students can become restorative circle leaders themselves from La Follette High School in Madison, Wisconsin.


Restorative Justice in Schools: Bringing Healing and Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline

Here are two great videos about work being done in schools to break the school to prison pipeline through restorative justice.  Hear from the students and teachers themselves who are implementing it!

Inspirational Baltimore Teens Healing Divisions

Check out this video of a group called The Inner Harbor Project that has teens working with the police in the city of Baltimore to heal divisions.  The group’s mission statement is:

“The Inner Harbor Project is a model for social change that identifies teenagers who are leaders among their peers, equips them with research and professional skills, and organizes them to come up with solutions to issues that divide our society on the basis of race, class and culture.”

Vital Village: Helping Teachers Find New Solutions to Children Impacted by Trauma

Jeff Cipiriani, a Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellow and a 2nd grade teacher at the Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in Boston, discusses how Vital Village, a network of residents and organizations started out of Boston Medical Center and Boston University is helping him to address students who have been impacted by trauma in his classroom by having them talk about how they feel rather than punish them.  Check out the article here.

Here’s a video of Vital Village’s work from their 2014 Leadership Summit:

The School to Prison Pipeline starts as early as Pre-School

Check out this video that shows the devastating consequences of the school to prison pipeline, how it starts as early as pre-school and what one school district has done systemically to stop the pipeline:


The Story of Tommy and Restorative Justice

Check out Tommy’s story recently published on Restorative Justice for Oakland’s Youth’s (RJOY) work called “Discipline with Dignity: Oakland Classrooms Try Healing Instead of Punishment.”

“According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, a student’s sense of belonging to a high school community is a top protective factor against violence and incarceration.”

The work of RJOY in schools has been so successful that Oakland School Board passed a resolution adopting Restorative Justice as a system-wide alternative to zero tolerance discipline.


Restorative Justice: Changing and Transforming Schools

Recently, there was an op-ed piece in the New York Times called “Real Discipline in School” highlighting restorative justice’s effects on school climate.

Check out these two videos to learn more about the community building circles and the story of how restorative justice transformed West Philadelphia High School.

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