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The importance of teachers, public education and teachers of color

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week everyone!  Check out these videos of the 2016 National Teacher of the Year Jahana Hayes:


Vital Village: Helping Teachers Find New Solutions to Children Impacted by Trauma

Jeff Cipiriani, a Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellow and a 2nd grade teacher at the Orchard Gardens K-8 Pilot School in Boston, discusses how Vital Village, a network of residents and organizations started out of Boston Medical Center and Boston University is helping him to address students who have been impacted by trauma in his classroom by having them talk about how they feel rather than punish them.  Check out the article here.

Here’s a video of Vital Village’s work from their 2014 Leadership Summit:

Shoutout to teachers everywhere!

Check out this Key and Peele video that imagines a world where teachers are treated like athletes:

Why Teachers Are Important

Check out this video to find out why teachers are so important in the lives of our young people!  This Maryland Teacher of the Year has got it right!


Boston Urban Teens Transform Vacant Lots into Community Gardens

Teens from a youth-led environmental justice organization called REEP (Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project) in Boston are taking over vacant lots abandoned for many years and turning them into community gardens!  Check out this video to see what they’re doing.

Now, if you’re inspired by them like I am, consider donating to their crowdrise fundraiser through this link so they can fund future projects and transform the city of Boston:

Need for Teachers of Color No Less Today

Even today when census figures show that close to half of all children under 5 in 2008 were children of color, 82% of candidates receiving a bachelor’s degree in education are white.  This study from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education surveyed close to 700 colleges and universities who train just under two-thirds of new teachers.  Check out the NYT article here.

Check out this video too that shows what the Kansas City, Kansas school system is doing to address this shortage:

This is a follow up to my past three posts, “Why Teachers of Color are Important…it may surprise you!” “Why We Need More Black Male Teachers in the Classroom” and “Need for Teachers of Color not isolated to urban areas, suburban areas have need too.

Need for Teachers of Color not isolated to urban areas, suburban areas have need too

In a follow up to my two previous posts, Why Teachers of Color are Important…it may surprise you! and Why We Need Black Male Teachers in the Classroom, check out this recent Boston Globe article titled, Education’s Changing Face, indicating that suburban Boston school districts are struggling to diversify their teaching forces.

One statistic that stands out from the article is that the percentage of nonwhite students in the state is 33 percent while the share of teachers of color is only 7 percent.

The article reaffirms previous research I cited in Why Teachers of Color are Important…it may surprise you! that teachers of color can help students of color perform better academically.