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Inspirational Baltimore Teens Healing Divisions

Check out this video of a group called The Inner Harbor Project that has teens working with the police in the city of Baltimore to heal divisions.  The group’s mission statement is:

“The Inner Harbor Project is a model for social change that identifies teenagers who are leaders among their peers, equips them with research and professional skills, and organizes them to come up with solutions to issues that divide our society on the basis of race, class and culture.”


9 Year Old Taylor Moxey, the Baking Entrepreneur

Check out this TED talk of 9 year old Taylor Moxey and how she started her baking career:

Check out a more recent video here on this page:

Young People in Boston Win Weekends for Student Pass Holders!

Recently, young people from the Youth Affordability Coalition reached a big milestone in their campaign to make the T more affordable for young people.  Students in the fall will be able to purchase a student pass at the current price that will extend to include weekends!  The current pass only covers weekdays leaving young people to pay full price on the weekends.

This allows 25,000 students in the 2014 to 2015 academic year weekend access to trains and buses for school events, jobs, medical appointments, family obligations, sports, arts, cultural activities and more.

Read more about their victory here.

The Youth Affordability Coalition continues to campaign for a $10 monthly youth pass.  Support their efforts by signing their petition here.

Young people marching for fair fares for the youth.

Young people marching for fair fares for the youth.

Creative ways to confront power!

Creative ways to confront power!

African American Teen Girls Take on Avon

Brea, 19, and Halle Holmes, 13, are co-founders of Sweet Dream Girlz, a business specializing in all natural fragrances that they started when they couldn’t find anything on the market for their sensitive skin.  They have also expanded into apparel, sneakers and accessories!  Their parents started them up with $6,000 and in 2011, they earned $25,000 in revenues and in 2012, $42,000.  They seem poised for a breakthrough with news media coverage on yahoo and USA Today.  Their website is here.

Check them out in this video:

Boston Urban Teens Transform Vacant Lots into Community Gardens

Teens from a youth-led environmental justice organization called REEP (Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project) in Boston are taking over vacant lots abandoned for many years and turning them into community gardens!  Check out this video to see what they’re doing.

Now, if you’re inspired by them like I am, consider donating to their crowdrise fundraiser through this link so they can fund future projects and transform the city of Boston:

How one town turned the tables on a school prank

Whitney Kropp, 16, of West Branch, Michigan was shocked to find out she had been voted into the homecoming court.  It turned out to be a prank from bullies and she thought about committing suicide.  However, the town of West Branch, Michigan, rallied around her and a facebook page supporting her surpassed the town’s population and eventually received 120,000 likes!  Read more about this encouraging story in this article in the Detroit News.

Here’s a follow-up article from ABC News/Yahoo.

And check out these videos:

The Power of Writing to Heal – stories from teens

A writing project at Scriber Lake High School in Edmonds, Washington shows the power of writing and telling our stories to heal.  Check out this article for a video interview of a few of the teens.  The teens with the help of their teacher and an author/mentor published their book We are Absolutely Not Okay and also started a website.

In addition, check out a story blog called Writers on the Inside written by youth offenders at a Juvenile Detention Center in the South.

In Somerville, Massachusetts, urban teens are also publishing their own books with a fantastic organization called Books for Hope.