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The Power of Restorative Justice

Here’s a great video showing how students can become restorative circle leaders themselves from La Follette High School in Madison, Wisconsin.


Restorative Justice in Schools: Bringing Healing and Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline

Here are two great videos about work being done in schools to break the school to prison pipeline through restorative justice.  Hear from the students and teachers themselves who are implementing it!

Inspirational Baltimore Teens Healing Divisions

Check out this video of a group called The Inner Harbor Project that has teens working with the police in the city of Baltimore to heal divisions.  The group’s mission statement is:

“The Inner Harbor Project is a model for social change that identifies teenagers who are leaders among their peers, equips them with research and professional skills, and organizes them to come up with solutions to issues that divide our society on the basis of race, class and culture.”

9 Year Old Taylor Moxey, the Baking Entrepreneur

Check out this TED talk of 9 year old Taylor Moxey and how she started her baking career:

Check out a more recent video here on this page:

Young People in Boston Win Weekends for Student Pass Holders!

Recently, young people from the Youth Affordability Coalition reached a big milestone in their campaign to make the T more affordable for young people.  Students in the fall will be able to purchase a student pass at the current price that will extend to include weekends!  The current pass only covers weekdays leaving young people to pay full price on the weekends.

This allows 25,000 students in the 2014 to 2015 academic year weekend access to trains and buses for school events, jobs, medical appointments, family obligations, sports, arts, cultural activities and more.

Read more about their victory here.

The Youth Affordability Coalition continues to campaign for a $10 monthly youth pass.  Support their efforts by signing their petition here.

Young people marching for fair fares for the youth.

Young people marching for fair fares for the youth.

Creative ways to confront power!

Creative ways to confront power!

Student Voice Matters: Students Mobilize and Successfully Add Their Voice to Teacher Evaluations

The students from the Boston Student Advisory Council (BSAC) mobilized parents, students and teachers to make it possible for high school students to now have a say in state teacher evaluations.  One student said, “BSAC’s campaign to include student voice within the new teacher evaluation system gives administrators a more well rounded 360 view of a teacher.”  Ultimately, it’s important for us as teachers to hear the voices of those we teach because after all, they are the ones receiving the education.

Check out the new Student Voice Matters website and this video of BSAC’s journey and hear the voices of students, teachers and administrators:

Teens Across Two Cities Create Performances Inspired by Civil War Documents

Today and Saturday in Boston and Cambridge, MA, as part of the National Civil War Project, the Proclamation Project will debut as an original theater piece created by eleven local high school students, inspired by the Emancipation Proclamation and the Gettysburg Address. The group explored themes of freedom, social justice and civil rights, in both historical and modern contexts. Through writing exercises, physical theater improvisations, music, dance and storytelling, the ensemble has transformed research and dialogue into a unique performance piece.

The project’s inclusion in the National Civil War Project has provided the group with an opportunity to collaborate across cities, with a group of teens at the Alliance Theater as part of their Collision Project in Atlanta, GA, engaged in a similar process. Through Skype, the two ensembles have shared Northern and Southern perspectives on the Civil War, while each ensemble has devised its own performance.

Read about the Proclamation Project in this article, go to the National Civil War Project Youth Ensembles facebook page for more information and get tickets if you’re in Boston here.

Here’s a taste of what the teens at the Collision Project in Atlanta did with the Declaration of Independence: